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Welcome to Palate Restaurant, your premier destination for tasty burgers and sandwiches in New Castle, PA and the surrounding area. Our family owned burger restaurant delivers delicious lunch and dinner options that are the perfect way to satisfy your craving for great food at great prices all in one place.

 Our burger and sandwich restaurant proudly offers delicious food from farm to table, delivering fresh and natural food to satisfy any craving. We've got our signature burgers, a fantastic array of healthy and tasty sandwiches, and an impressive selection of seafood just to name a few. We even offer catering so that your next big event can have a fantastic array of lunch and dinner options for one easy price.

Palate Restaurant has all the fresh ingredients and expertise to handle all of your lunch and dinner needs in one convenient place for one affordable price. Our family operated burger restaurant prides itself on delivering farm-fresh food for all palates at prices you can be proud of. Contact Palate Restaurant today and we'll give you a comprehensive description of all of the services and menu items we offer for lunch and dinner at our premium burger restaurant.


Palate Restaurant is a Burger Restaurant in New Castle, PA

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Palate Restaurant specializes in delivering fresh and delectable burgers with a wide range of custom recipes so that we can create a delicious burger for anyone. Our burger restaurant features fresh

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Palate Restaurant also offers a fantastic selection of delicious sandwiches to fill you up. Our sandwich restaurant proudly features farm to table ingredients, ensuring that you get a healthy, fresh-made sandwich

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Palate Restaurant also offers a fantastic array of seafood dishes to satisfy any particular craving you might have. We offer the most popular selections of seafood restaurants, with a

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